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 Wellness Profile 

Personal History is an introduction to help the coach know more about the client's history, habits and goals. This is key to creating the environment for setting up for success between the coach and the client.

The Body Scan is provided by the use of a machine that hooks up electrodes to the client's right hand and right foot. No worries, it is painless! The results of the scan will provide the client's percentage of body fat, lean muscle mass, Calorie requirements for weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain. The scan also provides the client's Protein requirements for overall good health.

The Consultation process is where the coach and the client discuss the results from the body scan. The client now has a baseline of their personal metabolism numbers to make the necessary adjustments to reach their health goals.

Meal Plans are provided to help the client know how to get their desired Calorie and Protein needs for the goals that they have chosen for themselves. Coaches have a list of suggested foods to meet the requirements, but will personalized food choices based on the individual.

Fitness Plans are encouraged to be sure that it is understood that a healthy active lifestyle is crucial in achieving the highest quality of life. The type of activity will vary depending on age, goals and physical limitations.

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